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Please do read our about page for a full view on CampingSage’s origins and ethos.  You will see we are wholeheartedly behind family camping and camping in tents.  Camping in tents gives a much more involved, immersive experience that can be achieved by camping in those mobile appartments otherwise known as RVs or trailers.

Our view is that camping in tents gets you closer to nature.  You are part of your environment and will be much closer to wildlife, birds and the open skies.

Better yet, done right, tent camping is just as comfortable as an RV (for a tiny fraction of the cost).  Our mission is to help you camp as a family, in comfort.

Dome tent on grass in woods


Everything You Need to Buy the Right Family Tent

Choosing And Buying your Tent

All you need to know about types of tent, tent comparisons, tent reviews and more
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Inflating sofa/couch

Camping Accessories

All the gear and accessories to make your camping comfortable and even more fun

Camping Accessories

Where do we start. From an ultralightweight, self inflating sofa, to the ultimate family camping stove. There is just so much to see.
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How to set up your tent and campsite

How to Set Up Your Tent and Campsite

Camping is a great way to reconnect with friends and family while also disconnecting from the stresses of modern life. With affordable pricing on campsites


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about us

Camping Sage is dedicated to the comfort side of family camping. Keith Longmire, the owner, learned about camping, hiking and survival during his time in the Air Force. Nowadays, he is dedicated to relaxed, comfortable camping with his family.
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