What is Best for Young Children to Sleep on When Family Camping?

What is Best for Young Children to Sleep on When Family Camping?

Finding a sleeping solution that was acceptable to our young children took quite a long time.  After quite a bit of trial and error, we settled on each child having their own single, self-inflating sleeping pad with sleeping bags. Options for Young Children’s Sleeping Support One of the reasons we struggled with finding an acceptable […]

Is a Sleeping Bag Better Than a Sleeping Pad For Sleeping on the Ground?

Sleeping bags and sleeping pads are designed to be used together as the major elements of your camping sleeping system. They fulfill very different requirements. Unless you have no other alternative, we would never recommend that you sleep directly on the ground.  What Does a Sleeping Bag Do? Your sleeping bag has 1 primary role: Keep […]

Can I Use a Duvet For Camping?

Can I use a duvet for camping

For family camping, a duvet, with sheets, pillow and an air mattress, is a great option for your sleeping system.  In many cases, the duvet could be swapped out for a blanket. Sleeping System Sleeping system is a great phrase that we learned from the guys over at REI.com.  It refers to all the items […]

Is a Blanket a Good Alternative to a Sleeping Bag When Camping?

Super comfortable tent camping setup

A blanket can be a very good alternative to a sleeping bag when camping. A blanket, with sheets, can be particularly good when family camping when you are sleeping on an air mattress.  In the right environment, a blanket is quicker, easier and more convenient than a sleeping bag. In fact, there are several great […]

How Long Will a Car Battery Run a CPAP Machine While Camping

Very Sleepy Monkey

What could be more fun than a family camping trip during the summer? Camping is good for just about everyone.  Sleep apnea need not be an impediment to enjoying a camping trip. With a little planning, there is no reason why you can’t take your CPAP machine with you. To ensure your camping trip goes […]