Why You Should You Clean a Moldy Tent

Home made a-frame tent

Every year, millions of people around the world happily spend the waning days of Winter planning their first camping trip of the Spring. It is different for us all.  For some it will be a trip to a pristine, National Park campground with all the modern comforts of home like electric hookup, water, showers and […]

Are Air Tents Better Than Pole Tents?


As a young married couple, we couldn’t afford a vacation “get-away” for our family. Instead, we borrowed a cabin tent and went to a nearby lake. We were incredibly romantic and arguably out of our minds. We had three kids with us, the youngest in a bassinet. That tent was a nightmare to put up. […]

Do Pop Up Tents Come With Pegs?

Man opening pop up tent. Do pop up tents come with pegs

Pop up tents erect instantly. They are a free standing tent – they don’t need to be pegged down to create a structure. Pegging a pop up tent down is essential if you want to avoid your tent blowing away under even a gentle breeze. So pop up tents do come with pegs. What’s more, […]

How to Get the Most from Your Tent in All Conditions

tent door in storm - the time you need to know How to Get the Most from Your Tent in All Conditions

Knowing how to get the most from your tent in all conditions that you are likely to face is a key to great camping trips. Camping is an amazing pastime, offering an inexpensive way to see new sights and enjoy adventures. While camping during good weather is always good, you truly never know when the […]

What is a Freestanding Tent – And Does It Matter?

Ultralight tarp rigged as a non-freestanding shelter

We were confused. What is a Freestanding Tent – And Does It Matter? In recent years we have seen reviews of tents that give a lower rating for non-freestanding tents. We decided to investigate. This is a short post and would only take 5 minutes to read. However, if you are in a hurry, our […]

Best Family Camping Tent Fans For Those Hot Summer Days

Family camping tent fan in foreground, youg girl on picnic blanket behind

In those hot, sunny, summer days, a tent can get very hot. The best family camping tent fans can make a real difference. Manufacturers work hard to provide active, floor to ceiling, ventilation flows but sometimes that just isn’t enough.  For most of us, the answer is to use a tent fan to increase the […]

CampingSage – Family Camping Tent Requirements

Home made a-frame tent

The CampingSage is all about family camping, in tents, and with a high degree of comfort. Getting your family camping tent requirements clear is at the heart of our philosophy. We go into great detail about the range of tents available to you in our guide to choosing a family tent.  In this short article […]

Family Camping | How to Choose a Tent That is Right for Your Family

Too many people in a crowded tent. here's hw to Choose a Tent That is Right for Your Family

Camping in the great outdoors with your family is one of the most fun, bonding and natural experiences.  CampingSage is all about Comfortable Family Camping in Tents. Choosing the right tent is an essential part of a great camping vacation. So, how to choose a tent that is right for your family? We are going […]