How Much Firewood Do You Need for Camping?

Huge, poorly constructed, campfire

The idea of camping evokes thoughts of sitting around a campfire while relaxing on a starry night somewhere in the countryside. I guess most of us think of a blazing fire with lots of warmth and flames. But before you can light a fire, you need firewood to fuel the campfire. How much firewood you […]

7 Camping Tent Kitchen Accessories I’d Never Camp Without

Succulent Steak in a pan over a campfire

Camping is a fun outdoor activity. You are going to be in the fresh air and active each day.  Healthy, tasty meals are essential for your fun and energy levels. When you are camping in tents, preparing meals for the whole family can be challenging. Cooking for a family on a small, single burner stove, […]

How To Get The Most From Your Cooler While Family Camping

champagne cooler - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cooler While Camping

Coolers and camping go hand in hand. Knowing how to get the most from your cooler while family camping is one of the keys to a successful camping trip. After all, having cold drinks and great camping food is a big part of the excitement of camping. There are no secrets about getting the most […]

How to Get Fresh Water While Camping

Beautiful Stream Flowing Over Rocks - but How to Get Fresh Water While Camping

Fresh water is the most important thing you need to have on a family camping trip. Trouble is, family camping can consume a lot of water very quickly. The most you are likely to carry with you is a filled 5-gallon drinking water container.  Even that takes up quite a lot of space which could […]

How to Build A Campfire For Cooking

Collapsible iron tripod for cooking over campfire

Best Ways to Build and Cook on a Campfire Very few things are as satisfying during a camping experience as building and cooking over your own roaring campfire, watching twinkling embers spiral into the darkening night sky or huddling around the cheerful flames at sunrise with smores and coffee. So what are the best ways […]

How Do I Cook Over a Campfire? 7 Top Tips

How to cook on a campfire - 4 beautiful sausages on a stick over a campfire

In this article we are going to provide some insights to answer the question, “How Do I Cook Over a Campfire?”. Cooking over a campfire is one of the great joys of family camping. Roasting a sausage on a stick is one thing, cooking a full meal is quite another. Here, we’ll take a look […]

7 Ways to Make Great Coffee While Camping

Coffee Pot Over Campfire in front of tent

How To Make Great Coffee While Camping The ability to make great coffee while camping is a make or break decision point for many. Many of us hear the daily call for a cup of coffee. Whether it be a morning ritual or just a means to get through the day, that daily cup of […]