Camping in Tents

Looking out over a lake from underneath a camping tarp

Best Extra-Large Family Camping Tents

Selecting the best tent for your family camping trip can be a pivotal decision. Here at CampingSage we strongly believe that larger tents make for

Man releasing a pop up tent

Best Pop Up Camping Tent

The best pop up camping tent works exactly as it sounds.  Take it out of its bag, undo the clasp, and throw it on the

Large dome tents

Best 12-Person Family Camping Tents

The Best 12-Person Family Camping Tents offer innovative technologies, features and designs to meet the needs of every type of camper. Whether you have a

Typical Instant Family Camping Tent

Best Instant Family Camping Tent

The terms ‘Instant Camping Tent’ and ‘Pop Up Camping Tent’ are often used interchangeably.  In fact, they rely on quite different mechanisms.  What they do

Man opening pop up tent. Do pop up tents come with pegs

Do Pop Up Tents Come With Pegs?

Pop up tents erect instantly. They are a free standing tent – they don’t need to be pegged down to create a structure. Pegging a