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Big horn sheep, Sage Creek Campground

We have had a number of people ask us about our web site name.  In particular, we are told that people have found CampingSage when searching for specific campgrounds. If you are looking for one of the many sage campgrounds, this post if for you.

Camping Sage is not affiliated with any Campground.  Our name is meant to convey that we love camping and have the experience and knowledge to help you plan your own camping trip.

Just in case you have reached our web site searching for something else – here are all the Campgrounds we know of that include the word ‘Sage’ in their name.

There are over 13,000 campgrounds in National Park Service properties.  We are not planning on reviewing them all.

Campgrounds With Sage in the Name

  1. Sage Creek Campground, Wall, South Dakota
  2. Sage Creek Campground, Bridger, Montana
  3. Sage Creek Campground, Quincy, Washington
  4. Sage Hen Flats, Along Blackfoot River, Idaho
  5. Sage Campground, Walden, Jackson County
  6. Upper Sage Flat Campground, Bishop, California

Campgrounds called Sage Creek

Sage Creek Campground, Wall, South Dakota

Sage Creek is located on the Northern Edge of the Badlands National Park . The Campground is free to use but there is a fee for entering the National Park.

Figure 1 Sage Creek Wilderness Area. National Park Service Photo

This is a primitive campground.  The only provided facility are pit toilets and covered picnic tables.  The pit toilets, according to trip advisor reviews, are normally clean and surprisingly odour free.

There is no water on the site.  All your water requirements must be served from water you have brought with you.  Water is available from the Ben Reifel Visitor Center.  The campground is exposed and can get hot – 85F plus is common in summer – you will need much more water than you would expect.

Campground Features

FeatureSage Creek, WildNotes
ReservationsNo.   First-come, first served
Number of Campsites22This is an unmanaged campground. The nominal number of campsites is regularly exceeded.  Visitors turn up at all hours and will pitch their tents or park their vans in any space available. In high season there are reports of late arrivals pitching their tents next to and between existing campers.
WaterNoNo water is available on this campground
Toilet4 x pit toilet 
CampfiresNoCampfires are prohibited.  Collection of wood is prohibited
CookingYes Cooking stoves and self-contained charcoal grills are allowedTo avoid risk of fire, all charcoal must be completely extinguished and cool prior to disposal

Motor homes, pull behind trailers, and other recreational vehicles greater than 18 feet in length are prohibited. This limitation does not apply to horse trailers. A portion of the Sage Creek Campground is designated for horse use.

The trail to reach Sage Creek is rough.  Larger RVs and cars with low ground clearance will struggle.

Who is this Campground for?

This is a campground intended for those who want to get back to nature.  There is a prairie dog town at the center of the campground. 

Prarie Dogs

Bison roam the area – you may have to be prepared to move the odd Bison splat before pitching your tent.

Bison - herd
Finding a herd of bison outside your tent can be a little disconcerting

Other animals included: Big horn sheep, Coyotes, and rattle snakes.

For those with horses, there is some great riding.  For most campers, it is a great base for hiking into the Badlands.  The area is very popular with backpackers too.


The primary attraction for most is getting back to nature and the range of animal life in immediate proximity.

Another attraction is the almost complete lack of light pollution.  At night you can see the stars and milky way in incredible detail.

Milky way seen very clearly
The Milky Way


As we have mentioned, this site can get crowded with new arrivals coming in all the time.  It is possible/likely that you can have pitched your tent or RV on one of the numbered campsites, only to wake up to find a tent or van arrived in the night and has squeezed into a space next to you.

No water.  And we mean no water – everything you need must be brought in with you.

Exposed location prone to wind and storms.  When a storm comes through the campground can flood.  Once wet, it becomes muddy very quickly.

Hot in summer.

Sage Creek Rd, Bridger, MT 59014

The second of the Sage Creek Campgrounds is the only Campground in the Pryor Mountains in Montana.  It is situated to the North of the Custer Gallatin National Forest. See it on google maps here.

Wild Horses on Pryor Mountains
Wild Horses – Pryor Mountains Photo NPS

It is a primitive site providing vault toilet, picnic tables and drinking water. The potable water supply is inconsistent, so it is important to bring water with you. Read our guide on obtaining fresh water while camping for more details.

FeatureSage Creek, BridgerNotes
ReservationsNo.   First-come, first served
Fee$5Fees are applicable when the campground is formally open – usually from memorial day to labor day.  The campground remains accessible and may be used for free outside of the formal opening dates
Number of Campsites12Usage is reported as medium to heavy so early arrival is recommended
WaterYes – maybeSupply of potable water is not guaranteed.  You must carry sufficient water with you.
ToiletVault toilet 
CampfiresYesUse local firewood only.  Bringing firewood into the campground is forbidden
CookingYes  All  forms of cooking are allowed.

As a primitive campground, Sage Creek, Bridger has no RV hookup facilities.


Sage Creek Bridger is a great base for hiking and climbing expeditions.  There are over 2,290 miles of hiking and wilderness trails that interlink with Yellowstone National Park to the South.  With large mountains with several peaks of 12,000feet plus, and steep sided, flat topped Buttes, there is fantastic scenery and plenty of great climbing location

The Custer Gallatin National forest is home to over 300 species of wildlife.  This is bear country with black and brown bears.  You need to carry your bear spray with you when out and about in the forest.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons. 

Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon

You can also hope to see elk, mule deer, bison, moose, bighorn sheep, cougar and wolves.

The Pryor Mountains also provide many miles of vehicle use tracks.  This can be a great base for your off roading fun.


It is a busy campsite.  With no reservations available, it is a bit of pot luck whether you can get a site or not. 

The route to the campground is not suited for all vehicles.  Getting your 30foot RV there may be a challenge

Supply of drinking water is not guaranteed.

Sage Creek Campground, Quincy, Washington

Sage Creek Quincy could not be more different from the previous campsites.  It is a full featured campsite that specializes in providing accommodation for live events at the nearby Gorge Ampitheatre.

Campsites are available for RVs with full, partial and no hook ups.  Tent pitches are also available which include tent and car.  All bookings are for 4 people

FeatureSage Creek, BridgerNotes
ReservationsYesReservations are for packages that tie in with events at the Gorge Amphitheatre
Fee$135/night RV P, W, S $110/night RV P,W $80/night RV $55/night TentP – Power W – Water S – Septic RV, Tent – no hookup
Number of Campsites150Number of campsites is not stated on the Sage Creek web site. This is an estimate based on the number of slots available for reservation for upcoming events
WaterYesDrin Outdoor showers with lockable doors Washing stations
ToiletPortable toiletsPortable toilets regularly serviced and cleaned  
CampfiresNot stated 
CookingYes  All  forms of cooking are allowed.

Who is it for?

Sage Creek Quincy is primarily for those attending concerts and events at the nearby Gorge Amphitheatre.  Short reservations are available to enjoy the local area.


The attractions included on the Sage Creek Campgrounds website include:

  • Eating and drinking at the on site bar
  • Wine tasting at local wineries
  • Hiking or gentler nature walks
  • Rock climbing
  • Off-roading
  • Kayak and paddle boarding
  • Fishing
  • Boat rides on the Columbia River

It seems there is plenty to do, even for those not primarily interested in Gorge Amphitheatre concerts


We have seen only positive reviews of the Qunicy, Sage Creek Campgrounds.  I am a little concerned that, at the time of writing (Aug 2020) the web site has not be updated with information on Covid-19 cancellations.

Given the market they cater for, this may not be the location for you if you prefer the style of camping offered at the previous Sage Creek’s.

Sage Hen Flats Campground, Blackfoot

Located east of Blackfoot, Idaho, along the Blackfoot River.

A free, semi-developed campground. There is no reservation system in place and the 4 campsites are available on first come, first served basis.

Campsites: 4 semi-developed sites— At this time, there is not a reservation system in place for the campsites. Campsites are on a first come first serve basis.

This site is equipped with vault toilets, picnic tables, fire rings, horse shoe pit, and an undeveloped put-in/take-out for floaters.

Sage Campground, Walden

Sage campground is located in Jackson County, approximately 11 miles northeast of Walden

The North Sand Hills Campground was installed in 2011 to accommodate large RVs. The campground has two vault toilets and 13 individual pull-through sites, each with a picnic table, fire ring, and tent pad. Numerous dispersed camping sites exist within the North Sand Hills OHV area


Upper Sage Flat Campground, Bishop, California

Upper sage flat campground is a heavy use site. Reservations are required in peak season (May through September). Campsites are available on a first come, first served basis outside of peak season.

Fee $25 per night.

Drinking water is available. Vault toilets and restrooms are available.

This site sees heavy bear visitation. Bear lockers are provided and are mandatory.

Great for hiking, ATV, fishing or just relaxing.

Sage Campground, Natrona County, Wyoming

Sage Campground is located off Natrona County Road 409 Pathfinder Road to the west of Pathfinder Dam.

Reservations are not available. Fee is $10/night.

No water is available on the site but restrooms are available.

Great for hiking, fishing, ATV and off-road (must stick to the gravel tracks), boating, and just enjoying camping.


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