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We spend quite a lot of time on CampingSage looking at Camping Chairs. Being able to sit comfortably is a major plus for comfortable family camping. When you have got your chairs, you need to complete your order with the Best Camping Folding Table too.

A folding table really adds to your comfort for meals, playing games, and any other useful reason you may see fit. Folding tables should be durable, safe to use for all ages, and large enough for the group.

So, What is the best camping folding table? The best camping folding table for a family camping trip should be durable for long-lasting use as well as safe, sturdy and roomy enough for all family members. These are the six best camping folding tables on the market that fit these specifications:

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  1. Lifetime Adjustable Camping Folding Table
  2. Coleman Pack-Away 4 in 1 Folding Camping Table
  3. REDCAMP Aluminum Folding Table
  4. Lovinland Aluminum Folding Table  
  5. Office Star Resin Folding Bench and Table Set
  6. Ledeak Portable Camping Table

We will look at what characteristics you should be looking for in a folding camping table and some of our recommendations for the best choices on the market. The ones we cover range by category and use, giving you multiple options to explore depending on what you’ll need a table for on your trip.

Best Camping Folding Tables

These are the best camping folding tables on the market, some for dining use, and others that offer more versatile functions. Above all, they are chosen with the idea of family in mind, both in terms of safety and size.

Having different categories on our list will help you in making a decision about what kind of table you’ll need. All are folding camping tables to make portability easy.

1.     Lifetime Adjustable Camping Folding Table

With one of the simplest designs on our list, the Lifetime Adjustable Camping Folding Table is multi-functional and constructed with a heavy-duty plastic top and steel adjustable height legs. This 4-foot table can be used as a dining table as well as a multi-use surface for anything you would need to store or construct.

The table can be adjusted to 3 heights depending on use, folds in half with a handle for easy carrying, and has rounded edges to avoid bumps and bruises. It is designed to seat 4 people around the table.

What We Like

  • The table can be adjusted and used for lots of projects, eliminating your need for multiple tables or surfaces
  • The construction and materials are designed for indoor and outdoor use, including rust-resistant steel legs
  • Can be easily cleaned and wiped down after use

What We Don’t

  • While the plastic is strong, it is more susceptible to cracking than metal alternatives.
  • May be a bit challenging to open and close with hinges and requires force (but safe and sturdy when locked in place)

2.     Coleman Pack-Away 4 in 1 Folding Camping Table

The Coleman Pack-Away 4 in 1 Folding Camping Table is the most versatile on our list in terms of construction. Designed to be used 4 ways, it can be square-shaped, buffet-style, tiered levels, or completely separate. The table is constructed of aluminum to make it durable as well as lightweight at 13.5 pounds. It also comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transport.

The legs adjust to 3 heights, and strong brackets are used for securing the tables together. The ‘folding mechanism’ is the separation of two separate tops that are joined by these brackets.

What We Like

  • This table brings great value at the price point considering all the useful things you can do with it (cooking, eating, games, side tables, nightstands, etc.)
  • Rounded and protected edges prevent accidents around small children
  • The product is compact and easy to both build and breakdown for low maintenance camping gear

What We Don’t

  • Not the most ideal table for larger dining groups as it is smaller than traditional folding tables
  • Lightweight aluminum surface may have a tendency to dent if not carefully handled
  • At the highest height setting, table may lose some stability with lightweight features

3.     REDCAMP Aluminum Folding Table

A more traditionally designed camping table, REDCAMP Aluminum Folding Table offers a sturdy aluminum option for indoor and outdoor needs with corrosion-resistant metal. With adjustable height legs at two levels, REDCAMP also sells the table in 6 varieties of length and width. We have recommended the 4-foot table, but you can go as little as 2-feet and up to 6.

The table is very sturdy and uses simple corner latches that connect to the legs for easy opening and closing. The larger tables can accommodate around 75 pounds, allowing you to use it as a dining area or workspace. It is heat resistant as well, but we do recommend being careful with portable grills.

What We Like

  • Comes in a variety of sizes with the same materials, resulting in high-quality construction and durability
  • Easily collapsible with a secure latch to keep the table closed when transporting (includes handle)
  • There are no sharp corners or edges for anyone to get hurt on

What We Don’t

  • Some consumers have noted the design of the table results in a slightly uneven surface, especially towards the fold
  • May be too short for standing at and doing work, especially for taller users

4.     Lovinland Aluminum Folding Table

Very similar to others on our list, the Lovinland Aluminum Folding Table is a multi-purpose table that is one of the more budget-friendly. If you do not camp often but still want a table, this may be a great choice. The legs are made of aluminum and a sturdy wooden board top. It adjusts to 3 different heights and comes in multiple lengths. We have suggested the 4-foot table.

The table is very lightweight at almost 10.5 pounds and latches securely with a handle to be transported easily. It can also be easily put together and taken down with minimal effort. We would call this the best budget table on our list.

What We Like

  • This table is an easy and inexpensive option if you are in search of a dining table for camping
  • The glossed surface makes it easy to clean after use

What We Don’t

  • This table is not a heavy-duty option, which may not be the best investment if you plan to use frequently
  • Being lighter weight than many competitors, it may not deliver as well in sturdiness

5.     Office Star Resin Folding Bench and Table Set

Unique to the other options we’ve detailed, the Office Star Resin Folding Bench and Table Set is more than just a table. It looks like a picnic table with benches that can easily be folded for storage. The table is designed for groups to gather, being 6 feet in length and accommodating 350 pounds. The benches can hold 200 pounds and are made of a durable resin plastic.

The table can hold upwards of 8 people and is sturdy at 65 pounds. This is much heavier than other table alternatives, but considering its function, it is a lightweight product. It can be wiped down for cleaning and makes a great addition to a camping site for eating, sitting, crafting, and any other activity you would do at a picnic table.

What We Like

  • No need for carrying around multiple chairs as this product includes table seating
  • Compact design is great for car or garage storage when transporting or not in use

What We Don’t

  • This table is not the most portable as it is heavier than others, but works well if camping at a single spot

6.     Ledeak Portable Camping Table

Because we have focused on tables that are very versatile for all camping needs, we also want to offer you a smaller option. If you just need a small table for holding drinks or lanterns as a side table, the Ledeak Portable Camping Table is a solid choice. With an aluminum tabletop and legs, it is sturdy and lightweight at only 1.8 pounds.

While it is only around 1×1 foot in size, it can accommodate up to 50 pounds and is sturdy with padded foot construction. You can collapse the aluminum slats and wipe them down easily after use.

What We Like

  • Comes with a carrying bag to easily break down and store, this can be attached to a backpack
  • The table is difficult to damage with scratch-proof and rust-resistant materials for long-lasting use

What We Don’t

  • Limited usage due to size and will require additional tables for dining and larger needs

What You Should Be Looking For in a Camping Folding Table

Now that we have gone through the best tables with some consistent themes, we’ll go more into detail about what you should be looking for in a camping folding table. These are the factors you should be considering when looking for a camping folding table: 

  • Usage Type
  • Durability
  • Safety Features
  • Ample Size

We will go into each category in further detail so you can best understand which factors are most important in your purchasing decisions depending on the type of camping you’ll be doing and what you may need the table for.

Usage Type

Camping folding tables actually come in many different types, depending on what you plan on using them for. The most common types include utility, dining, and cooking. Your choice will depend on what your needs for a table will be while camping. Looking for one that can be multi-functional is often the best bet in order to minimize costs and stuff you have to carry.

  • Utility folding tables are typically multi-use but often quite small. These will allow you to hold necessary items but may not be best to cater to the needs of larger groups. Utility tables can be used as workspaces and are often one piece. The primary benefit of these is that they are easy to transport but may not offer enough versatility for all table needs and can be quite small.
  • Dining folding tables are larger as they are typically designed to fit 4-6 people. These can vary in size depending on the size of your group. Dining tables often fold at a midpoint and are slightly heavier than your utility tables. Tables of these nature can be incredibly versatile because they are large enough to seat multiple people and also act as a work surface if needed.
  • The cooking folding table for camping offers more features than the other types, often coming with varying levels or compartments in order to hold supplies you’ll need during cooking. They offer ample space for preparing meals, and more advanced models may be able to hold grills. These are not as versatile for other camping use and are specifically used in cooking.


Regardless of the type of camping table you choose to use, you will want to make sure it’s durable. Both the legs and the surface should be strong and sturdy so that you can use the table for a long time, protect against the elements if left outside, and that the structural integrity will hold with increased weight placed upon it.

There are some key components that contribute to the durability of a folding table and important outcomes:

  • Materials: The most durable materials used for camping folding tables are made of aluminum. Not only is the material strong, but it is also lightweight. Stronger plastics will also work well, but they risk greater chances for damage or cracking.
  • Construction and design: Look at the construction of the legs when making your purchase. You will want them to be made of aluminum or other strong material even if the top is not. This will make sure it stays intact, even with frequent folding.
  • Economical: When you have a durable item that lasts longer, it is also beneficial as you won’t need to buy a new one. Sometimes paying more for a good product is worth it for the lasting impact.
  • Environmentally conscious: More durable products do not need to be thrown out and therefore have a more positive impact on the environment with less waste being created.

When looking at reviews, durability should be one of the primary factors you look at. This will help to make your choices surrounding costs and ideal design easier to make.

Safety Features

Especially if camping with children or a larger group, safety should be a consistent concern. Camping can be dangerous just based on the environment you are on, but your equipment should not contribute to these dangers. Finding a folding table for camping should be safe, especially to ensure that the folding mechanism locks when the table is in place.

There are various designs that allow for the folding mechanism to stay in place, but most rely on hinges for locking. These locks are typically in place for both the surface of the table near the fold and at the legs. You will need to make sure these are securely in place before placing any weight on the table.

Another important safety consideration is the shape of the edges on the table. On many metal tables, there will be sharp corners that could be dangerous for small children if their heads are at the same level. The tables we have recommended have rounded edges to avoid these types of injuries.

Ample Size

You’ll also want to make sure the folding camping table is large and tall enough to accommodate the needs of your family. Not only should the table have a large enough surface area for everyone to gather comfortably with enough room, but the height of the table is important. If you are eating, you will want to have enough room for your legs to fit underneath.

Some of the tables we mentioned on this list have benches, including in the design, acting more as picnic tables. This would solve any issues related to seating and give you enough room for most camping activities.

A good-sized camping folding table should be around 4 feet in length, 2 feet wide, and 3 feet tall. Some folding tables will have adjustable legs so you can cater the height to your needs. Larger folding tables can still be lightweight, which is another consideration you should look at when looking into sizing. This will be much more portable when off on your camping trips.

Choosing the Best Camping Folding Table

All of the camping folding tables mentioned on our list were included because they hit the standards of durability, safety, and versatility. Some cater more towards certain categories more than others, giving you the opportunity to choose one based on your needs while camping.

If we had to choose our favorites, we recommend the Coleman Pack-Away 4 in 1 Folding Camping Table for overall best construction, design, and use.

This is an incredibly versatile table that is essentially two tables in one. Our other favorite is the Office Star Resin Folding Bench and Table Set because it is family-friendly, safe, and offers a cool alternative to a picnic table.


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